Tips for tooth pain dentist in Fairhope, AL

If you are experiencing toothache pain right now (perhaps from an abscessed tooth), then you already understand that it is one of the single most excruciating pains a man or woman can live through. In this article you will find tips for tooth pain. You can't really appreciate this until you have gone through it yourself. First we here at SweetWater dentistry want to urge you to see a dentist as soon as you can, an abscess tooth can cause a serious infection that can also get into your blood stream causing other major problems. The only way to truly cure an abscess tooth is to come see us down at SweetWater Dentistry in Fairhope, AL. Dr. Phillip Greer and staff provides excellent patient care. We will do whatever we can to relieve your pain!

Here are some simple, easy solutions that can relieve the pain right now. You can go apply some of these straight away and return to read on to discover where you should go from there:

The Salt Water Rinse Method: This is the most basic method to help with infection. First rinse your mouth with warm salt water. This reduces inflammation and therefore lessens the pain you feel. A similar solution is to rinse out with hydrogen peroxide, another great home remedy method.

Another tip for tooth pain to try is eating yogurt. The 'friendly' bacteria in bio yogurt can act to rebalance against the bad bacteria that is naturally found in the mouth. This is more of a preventative, but if you have tooth pain currently, then I suggest you start incorporating this into your diet.

Garlic is another quick home remedy. All you have to do is cut up a bit of garlic lengthways and place it between the painful tooth and a normal tooth. Some people report a burning sensation when they try this, but even so the actual toothache pain will go away if you try this one out for ten minutes or so.

 Clove oil is another common home remedy. Just a dab will do - place it on a cotton ball and apply directly onto the painful tooth. Clove oil contains a natural painkiller and antibacterial.

We cannot stress enough to get to the dentist right away! These tips for tooth pain are just to help manage some of the discomfort. Imagine though never having to deal with toothache pain again – We’re talking about removing the actual cause of the toothache itself.  

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