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Composite fillings

Do you have a tooth that has a cavity and is in need of a filling? If so, look no further than Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweetwater Dentistry. Dr. Greer performs composite fillings, which is tooth colored filling material used to fill cavities. Our office is located on scenic 98 in Fairhope, AL. Visit our website for more information about composite fillings and other services we offer. A composite filling is best for small fillings and fillings on teeth in the front of your mouth. Composite fillings provide a more natural look when it comes to fillings. Over the years, silver fillings (called amalgam fillings) have mostly been used. Many people are now getting those old silver fillings replaced with the natural looking, composite fillings. Dr. Greer and staff stand ready to provide you with the best dental service and care around when it comes to getting your smile back on track!

When you have a cavity, the dentist will first need to numb the tooth. Once the tooth has been numbed, Dr. Greer will use a drill to remove the decay in the tooth. He will then fill the tooth with composite material, and use a curing light to harden the material. This is another wonderful thing about composite fillings: you don't have to wait for the material to harden, it is all done right there in the chair! The only thing you have to be careful with is not biting your tongue until the numbing wears off, of course. If you have a tooth that has a cavity and you would like to have it filled with durable, tooth colored composite material, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweetwater Dentistry in Fairhope, Alabama. We look forward to seeing your smile in our office soon and helping you achieve the smile you are after!

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