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There are many different reasons for a tooth extraction to be rendered necessary. Crowded, damaged, cracked, or broken teeth are a pain to deal with, and most of the time cannot be fixed with a simple dental procedure such as a filling or a crown. An extraction is when a tooth is removed from its socket in the mouth. There are 2 types of tooth extractions: there are simple extractions and there are surgical extractions. With a simple extraction, all that is necessary for the procedure is numbing and forceps are used to pull the tooth out. However, if the tooth has a curved root, or is difficult to get out, it may need to be a surgical extraction. Dr. Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry performs both simple, and surgical extractions.

With a surgical extraction, you will, of course, be numbed. once you are numbed, the dentist will used a scalpel to cut into the gums to get better access to the tooth. An instrument called an elevator is then used to detach the gum tissue from the tooth. Sometimes, with a surgical extraction, it is necessary to use a hand piece to cut the tooth into sections that are easier to pull out with forceps. Once the tooth has been completely removed, if you plan on replacing that tooth later on, bone graft will be placed in the socket to preserve the ridge of your teeth and reduce shrinkage of your gums and bone loss.  

Wisdom tooth removal is always a surgical extraction procedure. Most of the time, Dr. Greer can surgically remove wisdom teeth. A panoramic x ray will be take of your teeth before an extraction to ensure that it will be an easy extraction. If problems are present, Dr. Greer will refer you to another dentist that specializes in wisdom tooth removal. If you have teeth that need to be extracted, and would like more information, call our office at 251-550-7770 for more information.

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