Tooth Sensitivity Daphne AL


Tooth Sensitivity AFTER Filling, Continued


A recent trip to the dentist to have a cavity filled.  You weren’t even feeling pain when they told you, you had a cavity….but now you do?  Is this normal? 


Some sensitivity is very normal after a cavity has been filled.  Check out our previous article for a few more reasons why you may be experiencing sensitivity. 


Here are a few more reasons:



  1. Biting Teeth Together:  If the pain is happening when you bite down, it could be because your filling is interfering with your bite or that the filling has cracked.  Your filling is usually shaped carefully so that it matches your bite.  In some cases you may need to let your mouth get accustomed to the bite.  If the pain continues days later, consider returning to your dentist to have the filling reshaped or examined for damage. 


  1.  Throbbing Toothache Pain:  When a cavity is present, there are cases when the dentist has to go very deep into the pulp of your tooth for the filling.  This happens when the decay is severe.  If your dentist had to go deep, and now you are experiencing a toothache-like throbbing pain, this may indicate that the tooth tissue is just not healthy.  A deep cavity can sometimes result in the tooth nerve slowly dying over time.  If this happens, you will need a root canal. Tooth Sensitivity Daphne AL


  1. Allergies:  Not something someone thinks about much, but if you are allergic to the material used for the filling, your sensitivity or pain may be the result of an allergic symptom.  For example, some people are allergic to silver.  To prevent an allergic reaction, make sure you speak to your dentist and ask for various filling choices and let them know of potential allergies before you get a filling.  These allergies are rare, but can happen.  Tooth Sensitivity Daphne AL

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