Top 5 Reasons For Visiting Fairhope, Alabama

Enjoy your holiday in Fairhope

Enjoy your holiday in FairhopeFairhope, Alabama is a great destination for those looking for a slower pace and a peaceful city. A mere 17,000 inhabitants inhabit the antebellum homes, oak lined streets and charming downtown area. The city itself sits on a bluff overlooking Mobile bay and the ocean breeze adds to the soothing appeal of this town. 

If you are looking for a quiet corner of America featuring ocean vistas and attractive urban landscapes, Fairhope Alabama is just the place for you. Following are some of the unique attractions and activities that will enhance the flavors of your visit. 

1. Bike riding 

Imagine a city designed for the urban cruiser bike and a relaxing afternoon under the shady oaks and wide streets.  This must have been the direction city planners were headed when they built the historically fascinating neighborhoods and scenic biking paths in and around Fairhope. Bring your own or rent one for your stay, If you are a guest of the Grand Marriott you can borrow one free of charge. 

2. Page and Palette

The quiet atmosphere and spectacular scenery of Fairhope Alabama allows for a tremendous scope of imagination and the best place to cultivate the wonders of good book. Either writing or reading, book lovers will find the environment of this rustic city simply delightful. For an sample of the local delights, head on down to the Page and Palette a bookstore with many signed copies from local literary greats. You can also order a sublime Espresso as you bore through your latest acquisition. 

3. Panini Pete’s 

After a few hours of bike riding or book reading you can develop quite the appetite, turn your heading toward downtown Fairhope to find this delightful café. Anything on the menu will show why this small establishment has become a cornerstone of the local foodie community. This place makes a great stop for an early morning breakfast right under the oak trees after which one will feel satisfied and yet still energetic enough for a stroll around the city. 

4. Sunset Pointe Restaurant

There are those restaurants that attempt to gloss over poor food with a spectacular view and setting. This is not the case with the Sunset Pointe restaurant. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Fly Creek Marina be sure to visit this breezy and beautiful eatery for some innovative and delicious culinary delights. Even if you aren’t a seafood junkie you can’t say no to the Gulf Snapper Throats a delicacy designed by the restaurant's own culinary crew. Then be sure to wash this down with the house’s very own Bloody Mary made with Cajun spices. 

5. 17 Turtles Gulf Coast Outfitters.

Alabama boasts a 260,000-acre natural wonder just a half hour outside of Fairhope, the Mobile Tensaw Delta. The ecosystems found here are diverse and amazing and you will need the guidance of a true professional in local flora and fauna to get the most of it. Be sure to check in with the professionals and scouts from 17 Turtles Outfitters. You can find a guide that will take you safely to see the snakes, spiders, aquatic birds and other spectacular wildlife native to the region.

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