Top Three Things To Do In Fairhope, AL And The Surrounding Area

Places to go

Places to go in Fairhope AlAre you planning to visit Fairhope AL in the near future? Perhaps you will be traveling to the area for business but would like to spend a little time sightseeing before you leave. Then again, you may have opted for this destination for a break away with your significant other or for a fun vacation with your family or friends. Whatever your reason happens to be, one thing is for sure; you want to have a great time while away from home!

So where should you go while visiting Fairhope AL and the surrounding area? Allow us to tell you about three places which are certainly worth considering.

Fairhope Municipal Pier

There is nothing quite as tranquil and magical as taking a walk along a pier. Fairhope Municipal Pier should not disappoint on this front. You could consider hiring bikes and enjoying a little activity as well as beautiful views, or just enjoy a relaxing stroll. 

The Oyster Trail

Do you love oysters? If you do, you are not alone! However, the Oyster Trail offers quite a different type of experience. It is fun, will teach you a lot and is a great way to remember your trip away. Take a look out for the large fiberglass oysters which have been beautifully painted and decorated by local artists. The skill depicted on these oysters is certainly worthy of admiration. You will find them on the street, in parks, lobbies and in much more places too, so keep your eyes peeled! 

As well as the beauty of the paint work, you will also find a plaque next to each one which will give you important information regarding how oysters benefit the area. Don't worry, you won't need to find the oysters without any help, a Trail Map is available which shows where each one is located.

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch And Tours

Getting up, close and personal with gators may not sound like your ideal way to spend a day. However, the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Tours offers a truly memorable experience. Not only will you learn a lot about these intriguing creatures, you will also be able to safely see them and observe their activity. 

For example, the airboat ride may sound a little scary, however in reality it provides a fun way to learn, without the need to experience terror! The walkway also provides a fun way to watch the gators, in fact, they may very well swim over to say hello!

Indeed, if you are visiting Fairhope AL and the surrounding area in the near future, you should have plenty of attractions to choose from. In fact, the hardest part to your decision may be deciding which attractions you will visit and which you will leave for your next trip. Take the time to research the available attractions in advance so that you can create a travel agenda which is sure to excite and thrill everyone in your travel party!

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What To Do In Fairhope AL