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Solutions for a Dulling Smile

If you are concerned about your dull smile, your first thought may be to turn to your local drugstore and purchase an over-the-counter whitening product.  The problem is, many of these fail to provide the results you are wanting—and whitening isn’t the only option out there to help rejuvenate your smile!  If your smile has lost its brightness, it’s time to speak to your dentist about cosmetic dental procedures! 


Restoring your smile to its original glory!

I think everyone wants a brilliantly beautiful smile, but it’s just not natural for everyone!  People can be predisposed to having darker teeth than others.  There are those who also deal with staining from food or drinks…..or discoloration happens because of certain medications.  There is a way to hide the imperfections and bring back the smile you once had! 




The most common method for a dull smile is a professional-grade teeth whitening procedure.  It is much stronger than anything available at a drug store—the bleach is much more concentrated.  To have a professional teeth whitening procedure done, it can be done either at home with custom whitening trays or in-office with power bleaching. Veneers Daphne AL


If bleaching isn’t an option, another great one for disguising a dull smile is having restoration work done like composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers.  To have these repairs done, patients are usually wanting to cover imperfections of the smile—not just staining.  Veneers and bonding can hide misaligned teeth, broken teeth, and teeth are spaced to far apart.  This method is more permanent and costs much more than a whitening session.  Veneers Daphne AL


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