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Are you curious about how celebrities and other in the news always seem to have stunningly beautiful teeth? In most cases, you will find that their smiles are not the result of the genetic jackpot, but rather the addition of porcelain veneers.

At Sweet Water Dentistry, Dr. Phillip Greer is known for bringing his extensive experience and know-how to bear on behalf of patients seeking the highest quality dental veneers. Through such a process, it really is possible for just about everyone to achieve a natural looking, gorgeous smile. Though proper use of veneers calls for a great deal of skill, there is also an element of art to procedures of this kind. When it comes to building a smile of which you can be truly proud, there is nothing quite like porcelain veneers.

A key feature of the porcelain veneer is the fact that very little modification to the natural teeth is necessary. Just the thinnest layer of the existing tooth needs to be removed so that the veneers can be fitted with precision. The best way of ensuring a long lifespan for veneers of this type is to create a strong bond in between the patient's original teeth and the new veneers. Not only will this look more attractive in the end, it helps make certain that the veneers stay in place for years to come. Bonding materials are used between the two surfaces, and then a specialized light is applied for hardening. 

Veneers are a terrific solution to a whole host of dental concerns. They are ideal for correcting discolorations and can be extremely helpful in addressing misshapen, unsightly teeth. It is sometimes even possible to use veneers as a means to cosmetically repair cracking, chipping or gapping of teeth. A real advantage of porcelain veneers is the fact that they so closely resemble the natural appearance of teeth that they are essentially undetectable. Their stain-resistant characteristics help reassure patients that their smile will be bright well into the future. If you are seeking a simple way to finally have the smile you desire, porcelain veneers deserve some serious consideration. Call us today at Sweet Water Dentistry to have a consultation with Dr. Phillip Greer about veneers! 251-550-7770

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