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A filling is used when you have decay in your teeth. When you get a filling, the decay is removed and composite filling material is placed to restore the structure of your tooth and to help prevent more damage from decay. Dr. Phillip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL offers composite fillings. Composite is a tooth colored material that is used to restore tooth structure after removing decay from a tooth. Composite material is cured with a light so that there is no wait time for it to set up once it is placed. Composite fillings are best for front tooth fillings because you can choose the shade that matches best to the color of your natural teeth. Composite material can also be used to correct surface stains, small chips in your teeth, as well as closing small gaps in your teeth.

With a composite filling procedure, you will first be numbed. Once the numbing agent has had time to work, Dr. Greer will then remove the decay from your tooth. A bonding agent will be placed, cured with a light, and then composite material will be placed layer by layer and cured (hardened) with a light as well. Once the filling is complete, we will check your bite to make sure that the filling is not too high so that it won't chip from your other teeth or cause any pain. The only downside to composite fillings is that they may stain or change color if you drink sodas, tea, or smoke.

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