Whitening Your Teeth Affordably Fairhope, AL

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth? If so, you may be interested in looking into more information about the many whitening options available at Dr. Phillip Greer's office in Fairhope, AL, Sweet Water Dentistry. Here at Sweet Water, we offer three different kinds of teeth whitening options. This article will explain all three options to choose from.

The whitening options we offer are: KoR Whitening, Venus Whitening, and Opalessence Go Trays.

With the first option, KoR, you will have to make an appointment to get impressions made for custom trays. We will then get pictures of your teeth so that we can compare the color of your teeth to the shade they end up after you finish your whitening treatment. We will then make custom trays for you. With these custom trays, you will get a take home solution that is the best of the best, and you will use this for two weeks. When you are finished using the take home solution, you will return to our office and finish up with an in-house whitening session to top off your whitening. Your teeth will then end up whiter and brighter than you could ever imagine! 

The second option, Venus Whitening, is similar to the KoR. With the Venus, you will also need to make an appointment to get impressions so that we can make custom whitening trays for you. You will then get a take home solution to use that will whiten your teeth at your home. With Venus, you will not come into the office for a final whitening treatment, you will only need to use the at home solution that you receive when you pick up your trays.

The third, and most popular, most affordable whitening option that we offer is the Opalessence Go Trays. With these, you will receive ten upper trays, and ten lower trays. These trays are pre loaded with whitening gel, so no mess! These trays will form to your teeth using the warmth from your mouth, so you will not need to have impressions made for these trays. You wear these trays for 15 minutes a day, for ten days. You will be finished after that!


If you would like more information about whitening options we offer, please call our office today and schedule an appointment! 251.550.7770

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