Wisdom Tooth Extraction Fairhope AL


Your wisdom teeth are your third molars. Sometimes, wisdom teeth cause pain or infection when they begin to come in. While wisdom teeth are coming in, they can cause you to feel pain and pressure as well as cause headaches. If you are experiencing pain with your wisdom teeth, look no further than Dr. Phillip Greer's Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL. First, you will need to come into the office for a consultation. At the initial consultation, Dr. Greer will examine your teeth and take x-rays as well to determine if you need your wisdom teeth removed as well as if there are any other existing issues that need to be addressed. Once it has been determined that you need your wisdom teeth removed, you will have an appointment made. You can request oral sedation or nitrous if you have any anxiety about these kinds of dental procedures. 

There are a few home remedies that will help ease the pain you may experience while wisdom teeth are growing in. Warm salt water rinses help wash out food particles and bacteria that may surround the tissue of your wisdom tooth. All you need to do is dissolve some salt in a bit of warm water and then, with this solution, swish it around for about 30 seconds. Tea bags also help with wisdom tooth pain. Different kinds of teas have natural properties that are good for pain relief. Simply apply a wet tea bag to your wisdom tooth. These solutions are also good for pain you may experience after your wisdom tooth extraction.

If it is decided that you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, you will first be numbed with local anesthesia. The dentist will then loosen the tissue surrounding the tooth to ensure easy extraction of the tooth. Sometimes, the tooth may need to be cut into smaller pieces and removed piece by piece. Once the tooth is out, you may need to get a few stitches. You will then take antibiotics and pain medicine as you heal. If you would like more information about wisdom tooth extraction, please call us at Sweet Water Dentistry.


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