Wisdom tooth removal dentist Fairhope


Wisdom tooth removal dentist Fairhope: 


Wisdom tooth removal involves the usual surgical extraction used on any other teeth. A local anesthesia is used to make the patient calm and unwary of the physical pain brought by the procedure. General anesthesia is highly recommended for extraction procedures that involve more than a single tooth. More often, dentists split the wisdom tooth into several pieces in order to remove them easily since it is quite hard to get to them. It is a usual thing for the gum to bleed during the process.

So if you are looking for wisdom tooth removal from a dentist in Fairhope look no further than Sweet Water Dentistry. After the tooth has been extracted, it is a common occurrence to experience bleeding, jaw stiffness and swelling. The severity of these conditions, however, lowers down in a matter of days. Other serious complications may happen, but these are at rare instances only.

Although there are risks involved as a result of the extraction, they cannot be greater than the risks involved in not getting a wisdom tooth extracted when it is supposed to be extracted already. To determine the best course of action in dealing with the tooth, the sanest way to go is to get a professional piece of advice from an expert in the field of dental health. Dr. Greer is an expert in wisdom tooth removal, being a dentist in Fairhope we are ready to provide you with the personal care and concern you look for in a dentist. 

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