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Gagging During Dental Impressions

Having  a dental impression done is not pleasant or comfortable.  If you have a high gag reflex, even thinking about this process can be enough to cause nightmares!  You can’t allow your gag reflex to keep you from going to your regular dental visits.  There are ways to help reduce the severity of the reflex during procedures like dental impressions.  Just tell them your problem before they start! 


What Causes this Gag Reflex to Begin with?

A gag reflex is natural.  It is the bodies way to naturally defend itself.  It is intended to keep foreign objects out of your upper respiratory tract.  When the body senses something other than air headed toward the larynx, pharynx or trachea, your muscles will start to spasm and contract uncontrollably.  This is your body trying to force the foreign object away from the airway.   #invisalign Fairhope Alabama


What Can You Do?

Here are a few things to help reduce the chance of you gagging when the tray is in your mouth. 

  1.  Breathe through the nose.  It is hard to remember to breathe through the nose when your mouth is open.  But if you focus on breathing deeply through the nose it can help you get through the small amount of time that is required for a good dental impression. If your nose is stuffy, take a decongestant before the appointment or try a nasal strip. 
  2. Don’t worry about drooling.  Yes, this isn’t elegant…..but if you have saliva drool out of your mouth, it makes it less likely for you to gag then when you try to swallow while your mouth is filled with an impression material.
  3. Distract yourself.  Bring a stress ball, fidget spinner, or recite anything and everything in your mind to distract you as to what is going on inside your mouth.    #invisalign Fairhope Alabama

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